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Nova Druck Goppert GmbH produced high-quality “folders for Retterspitz”. The folders, which were filled with a wide variety of print products, received the most points from the jury in this category. Four-color offset printing and one-sided hot foil stamping were particularly eye-catching in combination with a special making inspired by Gmund’s Bio Cycle paper. The folders look very classy and create a lasting impression in the customer’s memory.



This very high-quality exposé was created as part of a secret sale project for an exclusive piece of real estate. It impressively conveys the exclusivity of the offered property through hot foil stamping, Pantone Gold endpapers and a four-color image printed on Gmund paper. The print run was strictly limited and each exposé was sent to a member of a select group of VIP customers. The jury was enthusiastic about the first-class overall production and accordingly put Mr. Lodge GmbH into first place in the Business category for the “Exclusive Exposé Secret Sale.”



The illustrated book “Origins of a Climate in Crisis: Embrace Your Humafish Spirit” designed by Joel Vannfuller is a total work of art that clearly shows the relationship between human beings and climate change. Printed on various Gmund papers with diverse grammages from the Lakepaper and Bio Cycle collections, this book is convincing at first sight. 

The creative binding, the linen spine and the hot foil stamping on the front and back covers are fine details that particularly pleased the jury. Trifolio srl from Italy earned the Gmund Award in the Book category for this haptic experience.



These highly innovative greeting cards “Vocal Dots” by Maria Matsuo from Japan convinced the jury with a “wow” effect. The Braille font with raised dots becomes an absolute highlight in the design on these handmade cards. Each dot was painted with acrylic paint on Gmund Colors paper. A translation of the Braille message into conventional letters of the alphabet makes each card readily understandable for everyone who cannot read Braille. This excellent and lovingly implemented idea well deserves victory in the “Private” category.



The “Letterpress Calendar 2023” by Portfolio from South Korea is the result of a collaboration between a graphic designer, a letterpress printer and a bookbinder. Every detail was implemented with much love. The outstanding binding with sewn threads, the good stability, and the use of Extra Cotton paper make this calendar an all-around successful object that also impressed the jury with its filigree design. 



The “Campari Seltz Mailing” by Denis Widmann Design Studio convinced the jury with its color intensity and high quality. The entire invitation was lovingly produced by hand in-house. 

The custom-made box is crafted from Gmund Cashmere with hot foil engraving in gold and includes an invitation in letterpress printing on Gmund Cotton. The cover was finished in hot foil engraving. Custom envelopes were produced in Gmund Cashmere to go with it.

This submission is impressive from the concept, through the paper selection, to the perfect realization with a very coherent overall composition. And the Gmund Award goes to: Denis Widmann Design Studio for the “Campari Seltz Mailing.”



Colors play a very central role in the Veuve Clicquot gift box. In collaboration with the Italian artist and master of colors Paola Paronetto, this “Mission Impossible” was accomplished with dyed sustainable hemp paper. The packaging not only enhances the product, but also conjures an optimistic mood thanks to its own bold color design. Together with the very good craftsmanship, Moet Hennessy’s submission is our worthy winner in the Packaging category.



Sustainability can only succeed when all stakeholders join forces to pursue new paths. For example, the Zimmermann print shop and its customer Engelbert Strauss asked themselves two relevant questions: What can we do with catalogues leftover from the previous season? And can we find a sensible way to recycle textiles leftover from the manufacturing of T-shirts? The result is the “T-shirt paper,” which Engelbert Strauss uses for its business stationery. What could be more authentic than paper made from the company’s own products? In recognition of the concept and its implementation, the jury choose these innovators as the winners of the Green Innovation Award.



Our winners in the seven categories, the special "Green Innovation" award for a particularly sustainable project and the honorary award announced by Mr. Kohler.

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