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Our winners in the seven categories, the special "Green Innovation" award for a particularly sustainable project and the honorary award announced by Mr. Kohler.


Wiesendanger medien GmbH_CORPORATE_Gewinner_03.jpg
Wiesendanger medien GmbH_CORPORATE_Gewinner_02.jpg

Wiesendanger media GmbH

Title: VDMB Annual Magazine 2020

The VDMB Annual Magazine 2020 makes use of all the possibilities available for a print product: high-quality paper in a wide range of variants, several printing techniques, numerous finishes, some of which are very sophisticated and rarely used, and a technically challenging binding.


All measures always have a conceptual background and a reference to the demanding and highly relevant content. LED UV offset printing (including opaque white), hot foil stamping, mirror foil lamination, a pop-up object and layflat binding with folding tape were used. Printing was done on various Gmund Colors papers, including Gmund Colors Transparent.


Dauphin HumanDesign Group GmbH & Co. KG_BUSINESS_Gewinner_03.jpg
Dauphin HumanDesign Group GmbH & Co. KG_BUSINESS_Gewinner_01.jpg

Dauphin Human Design Group GmbH & Co. KG

Title: Packaging and Brochures

The Dauphin Group is a global provider of seating solutions, interior design and office furniture systems. The aspects of quality, durability and reliability play a very important role in the group of companies. These were consistently implemented in the submitted boxes and brochures.


Several collections from Gmund Paper were used for this: including Gmund Colors Matt 63, 01 and 99 and Gmund Bauhaus Dessau. Hot foil stamping, 2/0 Pantone printing and 4/4 Euroscale printing including relief varnish have resulted in extremely coherent, high-quality company ambassadors that perfectly reflect the philosophy of the Dauphin Group.


Seraph Design_MAILING_Gewinner_03.jpg
Seraph Design_MAILING_Gewinner_01.jpg

Seraph design

Title: New World Symphony //

A World of Difference Gala Invitation

Miami-based agency Seraph Design's invitation to the gala celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the New World Symphony, themed "A World Difference," demonstrates its global influence on the world of classical music.


Packaged in a complex hand-folded world map, this work with Lakepaper Blocker and Gmund Matt 86 and 89 is convincing all along the line. Techniques used: 4-color lithography, hot foil and die-cutting.


FYFF AG_PACKAGING_Gewinner_02.jpg
FYFF AG_PACKAGING_Gewinner_01.jpg

FYFF AG (Retterspitz)

Title: Retterspitz fragrance series "Juniper"

For the customer Retterspitz, the agency FYFF AG developed a completely sustainable packaging series for the fragrance series "Juniper". A special Gmund Bio Cycle grammage of 350g was used for the packaging with an individual surface structure and contour die-cutting.


For the labels, too, a special production of an adhesive paper with surface structure based on Gmund Bio Cycle was used. The ecological packaging made of recycled paper scores with its simple, very reduced design and a very coherent CI across all tools.


Bölling GmbH & Co. KG_PRIVATE_Gewinner_01.jpg
Bölling GmbH & Co. KG_PRIVATE_Gewinner_02.jpg

Bölling GmbH & Co KG

Title: "We Said Yes"

Bölling GmbH & Co KG is a finishing company that combines time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art processes. The wedding card "We said yes" impresses with the play of light and shadow, created by a very deep blind embossing.


No printing ink was used, the card impresses with "pure paper". Sending high-quality cards in times of digital communication is a sign of class. A laminated Gmund Hemp 100% 640g/m² paper was used. The banderoles were made of Gmund Cotton. Matching envelopes from the Gmund Colors system were used.


Shueisha Inc._ART_Gewinner_03.jpg
Shueisha Inc._ART_Gewinner_01.jpg

Shueisha Inc.

Title: Shueisha Manga Art Heritage

Through the combination of Gmund Cotton and Letterpress as well as the use of the new Blockchain technology, a different kind of art has been created.


The Shueisha Publishing House from Tokyo specializes in Japanese comics "Manga" among many other business fields and wants to establish them as an art form through the extraordinary art prints. The letterpress print on a Heidelberger from 1960 is a haptic sensation and the deserved winner in this category.


Druckerei Vogl GmbH & Co. KG_BOOK_Gewinner_05.jpg
Druckerei Vogl GmbH & Co. KG_BOOK_Gewinner_02.jpg

Druckerei Vogl GmbH & Co. KG

Title: Tea Trip

The great feel of the paper harmonizes perfectly with the sensational images of nature and people. The image reproduction in LE-UV offset printing is perfectly achieved on Lakepaper Blocker paper.


Viewing it creates the feeling of almost staying in the scene yourself. Due to the matte surface of the paper, there is no reflection or glossy effects. The free spine makes for better impact, and the black hot foil on linen for title & spine makes for a high quality entry.


Goldbuch Georg Brückner GmbH_PRIVATE_Gewinner Green Innovation_01.jpg
Goldbuch Georg Brückner GmbH_PRIVATE_Gewinner Green Innovation_02.jpg

Gold book Georg Brückner GmbH

Title: Hemp stationery

Goldbuch's hemp stationery combines particularly sustainable Gmund Hemp 100% paper with sustainable further processing in the traditional family business to long-lasting design objects. The printing inks based on renewable raw materials, 100% green electricity in further processing and short distances instead of CO2-intensive import from the Far East.


Notebooks, file folders or photo albums were printed in offset and finished by hand with blind embossing on Baier embossing press.  The products allow the storage of experiences - be it photos, documents or notes - in particularly long-lasting "analog archives" with plenty of room for one's own creativity and individuality.


DruckTeam GmbH_ART_Gewinner Sonderpreis Kunst,Musik_01.jpg
DruckTeam GmbH_ART_Gewinner Sonderpreis Kunst,Musik_02.jpg

DruckTeam GmbH
Title: Beethoven meets Gmund

In the POP Up Art exhibition "Flowers for Elise" in the Beethoven Year 2020, the idea was born to present Beethoven portraits in a new form using digitally created images by artist Tobias Schreiber.


The Gmund Colors Matt collection offered the perfect solution to fulfill Beethoven's quote "Only harmony can awaken passion". 48 images, 1 image in whole! Printed digitally. The perfect use of all Gmund Colors colors to fuse music with paper.

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