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This is how your submission gets to us safely:

  1. Select your best print project for the award.

  2. Fill out the submission form online, please don't forget the photo of the project.

  3. Send the completed form directly to Gmund with the "Submit" button.

  4. Download the accompanying sheet to send to Gmund via the "Download link".

  5. Print out and fill out the accompanying sheet.

  6. Pack the print project and accompanying sheet well and securely (only undamaged projects will be presented to the jury).

  7.  Send to Gmund:


Gmund paper

Award jury

Mangfallstr. 5

83703 Gmund am Tegernsee


Submission deadline is Friday, 12th of July.
 Projects arriving later will not be considered. The entries remain with Gmund Paper after the competition. Details on the conditions of participation see INFO.


GMUND AWARD 2024 in 3 steps!

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